About Jeannette

Jeannette RichardsonAs a little girl I had visions, thoughts and ideas that had no references to my immediate space. I would hear adults around me having discussions and I often had very different opinions and ideas. At an early age, adults listened to me and I remember hearing the word wise often in their observations. My mother would find her friends coming to me for advice and even she would respect some of my views.

Once I left the comfort zone of those that loved and appreciated my fresh ideas it turned into negative words statements like, “too fresh, smart aleck, too grown and etc.”. I learned how to suppress most of my ideas, but I still heard the different beat of the drum, an unfamiliar sound, fresh word combinations and visions I had not seen.

I allowed myself to live a very reactive life and found myself climbing a very horizontal ladder that had occasional short vertical movements. I still had visions of speeches, writings, songs and plays that I had never seen before in my head. I was in Corporate America, but it was never truly in me. My true passion and were I thrived the most was having the opportunity to speak in my own words, sing in my own voice and write in my own style.

A few years ago I went back to college and that was the beginning of my visions coming from behind the reactive life and being seen again. Throughout my life the word “encouraged” has been used in many venues and I was even able to utilize this in corporate America. I begin to realize I had client’s calling me and making up some business to talk about in order to be exposed to some “encouragement”. The umbrella of my new venture is “Encouragement” and I will be able to do this through speaking, writing, radio, acting and eventually on a greater scale.

I am Jeannette “The Encourager” Richardson and my radio show is “Just Jeannette.” This “About Page” will always be evolving. I hope you are inspired, motivated, challenged as you enter the world of “The Encourager”.

In short, Jeannette is a speaker (speeches, mistress of ceremony and classes), Spoken Word (free style (singing incorporated) & customized), Writer, Actress and more!